Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Cinematic Glory of the Dollar Store DVD

I have heard many a trash cinema buff talk about the glory of the dollar store dvd rack. While I have always had it in mind to go foraging for some cheap thrills, considering I live in a city drowning in dollar stores, I had never ever taken the initiative. It always seemed like a good idea, but was so far in the back of my mind the matter was never pressing. Most of my time spent in the local dollar dump tends to be spent on house cleaner runs and glassware replacements. I'm not really a browsing kind of guy. When I go into a store, I try to locate the needed item, grab and buy it as fast as possible. In and out quicker than a flasher in Central Park. If I was thinking about movies, I might be a bit more curious to meander around the aisles a little more.

Thankfully I have a girlfriend these days, and she is not so lacking in the attention to dollar shop detail as I am. When we go into the store as a couple, there is so much more to notice. If it wasn't for my lovely female counterpart, my passing interest in cheap DVDs probably would never have resurfaced. Because of a couple of trips to said stores yesterday, I discovered a treasure trove cheap thrills.

Even though I saw many a movie I must call my own, the one that stood out was the Fabio Teste action bomb First Action Hero. I actually picked this one up thinking it was a 70's polizia, but I was far wrong. This train wreck was made less than 20 years ago and is probably the last time Teste's name has been in a feature length film. But this isn't my cinema blog, so I'm not going to go further than that. All I know is I probably should have went with Sonny Chiba double feature. Regardless, I am going to be paying closer attention to the contents in my neighborhood trashmarts.

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