Monday, October 5, 2009

Hiking the New Amsterdam Passage.

Today I came to the realization that even though NYC is the best place I could ever imagine living, it doesn't mean cell phone technology will work any better than it does in the burbs. Case in point, I can't get a 3G signal in my work area. Over the weekend that I have been obsessively abusing my new slice of Heaven I refer to as the iPhone, I failed to think about the possibility that it's not going to work everywhere the MTA takes me in the Big Apple. Foolish of me to think that in a day and age I can store the Library of Alexandria in my pocket, I can't even send a reliable fucking text message in Midtown Manhattan.

All I can think is "what the fuck is that all about."

What I have failed to consider is that NYC is chock full of really big buildings. Urban mountains if will. And like going on a hike in the mountains, some of the time your not going to get reception on an electronic leash. This is typically due to the fact that some mountains are taller than the placement of a digital tower, and interfere with the signal like a bully blocking kids from a water fountain. The same things happens with urban mountains aka skyscrapers. In some areas of the city, some providers aren't able to transmit a clear signal. Such is the case with the building I work in.

I can survive, I've suffered from a similar problem when I was a copy monkey in Morningside Heights. Besides, there is always the much-loved lunch break. Even though I won't be able to tweet very often, at least I'll be able to get more time in than usual.

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