Sunday, September 27, 2009

House Cleaning, Italo Disco, and a new found love for Glass Candy

Earlier this morning, or what I like to consider morning since it was before brunch, Mary and I were cleaning the house in preparation. Those of you who have known me over the years understand that keeping a clean house has never been one of my strong points. I admit, I'm a bit of a slob, but it is a cycle I would be more than happy to break. Anyway, when I clean, I like to listen to something on Pandora that pumps me up. Sometimes it's black metal. Sometimes it's gangsta rap. It could be anything, and this morning it happened to be Giorgio Moroder and other related artists. So it was definitely and italo disco kind of morning.

As cheesy as it is, I love italo. There is just something pure, robotic, and uber-80's about European electro from the post-Studio 54 dance music days. I love how italo combines the best cheese from the discoverse with the most kick ass synthetic sounds all rolled into one shiny,eurotrash package. It truly is a magnificent sound to clean house to. If you are asking yourself "what the fuck is he talking about?", go here. I actually visited the wiki this morning, as my obsessive-compulsive behavior dictates I do when something peaks my interested, to surprisingly find it had been updated. Not only did I get my standard history of the form of music, I got the added bonus of a list of modern artists influenced by italo. Too my surprise, I recognised some of the band names from the wayback days when I had a art/noise/avante rock obsession. One of the bands that popped up was Glass Candy.

As I said, when I first heard Glass Candy years ago, their sound was chaotic and noisy. And by noise, I don't mean loud. I mean "noise" as in playing with feedback to a point most would consider not listenable. To get an idea of what I'm saying, here's a video:

I'm sure you get a the idea. At one time, noise rock was something I swore up and down by. In my old age, my taste has become slightly more refined. I prefer Morricone over Merzbow these days. That being said, over time I stopped paying attention to Glass Candy. So when there name popped up on the modern-italo list, I had to do further research. To my utter surprise, this is what I found:

Italo-tastic!!!! It was nice to see that Glass Candy has also refined their sound over time. With current trend in "hip" indie these days, I'm not really surprised. Danceable is what the kids are into, unfortunately I find most of it to be garbage. Not so much with Glass Candy. I must say they I cannot wait to pick-up some of their newer material, and probably some of the bands that are on their label, Italians Do It Better.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

He Who Walks Behind The Rose

After an afternoon of drinking with his Sparkness at Spike Hill, I came home to eat dinner and spend what remaining time I had with my girl before her work night begun. So ,not unlike any other night you come home from the bar, we turned on The Sci-Fi Channel. I'm sorry...SyFy(I'm still not quite sure why they changed the name in such a stupid fashion). After a few not paying attention to the white noise that is typically the standard after a great afternoon, I realized that Children of the Corn was about to come on. And I'm not talking about the 80's horror classic that we all grew up with. This was not the catered-to-period classic most of my generation came to love. There were no midgets, crazy redheads, and cheap 80's haircuts. It was a retelling. But unlike the other bullshit "retellings" we see these days of cult classic, the "SyFy" original is closer to the original short story that was written by Stephen King back in 1997. I've only been periodically paying attention to it, while I sit here drinking a 40 and trying to enjoy "personal" time I don't necessarily need. Even though it is closer to King's classic short, it still doesn't have the same appeal that the 80's classic did.

I want to hear the redheaded freak Courtney Gains yelling "Outlander!!!" I crave to see the midget-playing-child Isaac freaking me out with his smalltitude. I want to fear "He Who Walks Behind The Rose" like I did Jason, Freddy, and the Critters back in my mid-80's horror heyday. Do I get that? No! It's the Sci-Fi network and I get garbage for a "retelling" just as I would expect. Fuck it! I'll finish the movie and express my disdain drunkenly for the next couple of days.

I'll just leave off with the original Children of the Corn trailer. Cheers!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

First post aka Why?

I have been severely slacking on the film blog as of late. When I started it last Winter, I posted on a fairly regular basis and it was something that I was really into. Writing about a subject I love(trash cinema) could never get tiring...or so I thought.

As the days got warmer, I started to post less and less. It wasn't that I was watching less movies. Quite the contrary actually. I started working the Royal Flush Festival so I started watching way more movies than a human should ever want to over such a short period of time. I loved it, but I couldn't prioritize my own tastes in cinema over the FF entries. In the end, the Royal Flush team is more important than Howard the Duck or Sonny Chiba.

I also had a great deal of free time last Winter and Spring. I had been single for close to 2 years and I was so set in that lifestyle. I had plenty of time to watch movies, because my time was all my own, and I could be as selfish as I wanted. But things changed around my Birthday and I added something to my lifestyle that hadn't previously existed for quite a long time: a Girlfriend. A very lovely lady who, at this point, currently shares my residence and holds my heart. And again, far more important to me than watching Jimmy Wang Yu bang loose white women. Mary has been an important part of my life since she stepped into it, and will continue to be for a very long time.

And last but not least, the reasons why I decided to start a PERSONAL blog. I have many more interests than movies I would love to write about that don't belong on Cinematografo Dei Trash. I....Triumphant gives me the opportunity to hone my own ability to write, a hobby/art form I rather enjoy, and at they same time give me more of a drive to create. The idea is,if I can update this blog on a regular basis, it will give me the practice I need to have the drive to update the writing I do for CdT. I consider it the scrimmage rather than the game.

Some people might actually find my life and thoughts interesting enough to read. I sure hope so. Mostly because I love feedback. There is nothing more entertaining and mind-numbing to read than a blog's comment section....except maybe the real world.