Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today's Twitter Trending Topic: Rihanna's Forehead

Apparently Rihanna's big prime time interview last night left an impact on more than a few, and not in a necessarily positive way. Twitter has been buzzing with jokes about Rihanna's over-sized forehead, and I have to admit some of them are genuinely funny one-liners.

It's true that domestic violence is not a laughing manner, and many people are equally tweeting about those who make jokes being assholes. Get over it! Comedy typically exist at the expense of others, or in this case, other people's body parts. Despite everybody knowing MJ was a tortured soul and that child abuse is no laughing manner, a large majority of us, myself included, still repeat the 'boys underwear half off" joke because its funny. In some cases jokes are coping tools to help us deal with tragedy and other negative things in our life. Hell, cracking a joke is a lot healthier than drinking.

So I've gathered a list of some of my favorite jokes regarding Rihanna's Forehead. You can check them out for yourself though out the day at #Rihannasforehead

"#Rihannasforehead attacked Chris Brown first."

"#rihannasforehead will be showing the Michael Jackson movie "This Is It" on it.."

"is so big it's considered a roaming zone on T-Mobile #rihannasforehead"

"I tried uploading a pic of #rihannasforehead but it said the file was too damn big!"

"Is NASA ever gonna go back to #rihannasforehead?"

"According to NASA #rihannasforehead will be the cause of an upcoming solar eclipse."

"#rihannasforehead is trying to host the olympics in 2020"

"Ppl dnt scale everest anymore they scale #rihannasforehead"

"i actually heard rihanna was ment to have a twin but it got stuck in her forehead in the womb, #rihannasforehead"

"I tried looking up #rihannasforehead with Google Earth but it told me the image was too big"

"#RIHANNASFOREHEAD is like a documantry u never knw when itz gonna end"

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