Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Little British Glam Makes the Day

I started this morning off knowing that I would need a pick me up to deal with the 4 pallets I expected today, which actually ended up being 6. Not fun, but at least I planned ahead by uploading some classic glam in the form of Mott the Hoople and Slade. Mott the Hoople was one band in which I was completely ignorant ,except for a song I always believed to be Bowie's. Slade on the other hand had one hit in the early 80's but were an inspiration to several cock-rock outfits during this time, so I knew a bit more about them, but not much. My past experience with British Glam doesn't go much past T. Rex and Bowie. I've always been of the opinion the nothing else mattered in early 70's Britain than the two, so I never felt the need to pursue the style and era further. Lately though, I have been all about hunting down the 70's era music I discarded, and I find that I missed many a gem over the years. Today I discovered that of the two bands I previous mentioned, both kicked my ass on my morning commute but one did it a little harder, and that was Slade.

Slade fuckin' rocks and you can bet your ass I will be purchasing several more of their audio riches. I don't know whether it's the attitude or the griminess, probably a bit of both, but they are one of those bands I can see listening to multiple times a day for the next few weeks. i had a similar experience with Fear a couple months ago but have felt very little like this, music-wise, since the spring. Thankfully, the magic is back.

I'll leave you with one of the asskickers from their album, Slayed. The song, as well as the outfits, are the glam rock equivalent of sober sex with a celebrity crush.

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