Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to do the Hustle aka Creepiest Video Ever

Today I was given the most awesome opportunity to listen to nothing but 70's soft rock over the radio. By "most awesome" I actually mean I felt as if I had an elephant-sized dose of Thorazine forced on me. There were actually a couple of highlights: Neil Diamond,the Carpenters, and last but not least, the Hustle. I've always wondered how one dances to this soft disco classic and wondered if it was too complex. My co-worker Chris informed me that I could probably learn it in an hour, but had never seen it himself. i got curious..

So with very little digging I came upon this instructional video on Youtube-

Hello creepy!! I'm pretty sure this is less of an instructional video and more of some gross dude trying to display his gyratic package in period clothing. I did learn a couple things...I could not learn the Hustle in one hour, and even if I did learn it I would probably be put on a sex offender list for doing the dance in public.

I'm slightly disgusted.

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  1. Wow, I'm both entertained and a little creeped out. It's the electric slide with a little Travolta thrown in. I think you could handle it and I think I'd pay to see it. :P