Sunday, November 8, 2009

Join the Cult

I recently bought a snuggee as a last minute Halloween costume. It was quick and stupid purchase, but I had no intention of trying to maneuver around a party store mobbed with rabid, last-minute shoppers. So I went to Walgreens and dished out the 15 bucks for a blanket with sleeves. I figured even if it was a shitty last minute costume, at least people are going to laugh. People laughed and Halloween went over pretty nicely, even with a shitty costume. With the holiday over I probably should have just thrown the snuggee in a dresser with all the other costumes of Halloween's past.....but I didn't. At all.

In the last week, I have become one of those assholes you see in the commercial. Sure, I wear the snuggee around my house more for the comedic and creepy purposes rather than practicality, but I do use it quite a bit. I could be a normal person and wear a robe or pajamas, but it doesn't provide the same looks of disdain from my girlfriend and roommate. The snuggee screams," I'm such a tool and proud." and sometimes that makes me chuckle. Sure, it's a joke at my own expense, but it's a funny joke. I can laugh and be comfortable at the same time.

I've joined the cult.

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